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We work with children and young people from the slums and streets in Africa. These children and young people are going through unimaginable trauma, some are in gangs, or on drugs, many are being sexually exploited and all are experiencing domestic violence. We invest in emotional health and communication skills, restoring identity and renewing hope.

We work with the adults in the communities, be they parents/carers, teachers or social workers focusing on how to parent and care for children and adolescents.

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Meg and the 'Hear Their Roar' team

What did we do in Kamuli, Uganda Oct-Nov 2019?

Irene, Rachel, Mark and I are pleased to show you a little video of our work at:

Maria's Care School

What did we do in Nairobi, Kenya May 2019?

Mark, Clare, Penny and Steph and I are excited to show you a little video of our work at:

Dagoretti, Mahali Pa Watoto and Heshima.

What did we do in Kenema, Sierra Leone Feb-March 2019?

Penny, Minnie and I want to show you a little video of our work in Kenema, Sierra Leone. 

- music workshops for young people

- emotional health workshops for teenagers

- workshops for teachers on 'relating to teenagers and positive discipline'

- workshops with social workers

- support groups for foster carers

What did we do in Nairobi, Kenya March 2018?

This is a little of what we did out in Nairobi. We worked mainly with 55 young people from the streets, slums and community, many of them are hooked on glue or even injecting heroin. We used singing and drama to create relationships then we held discussion workshops and looked at self worth, self confidence, decision making and hope. 

We also worked a little with younger children!

And for our R&R we had 36 hours on safari at the end of our working contract to re-boot, debrief and get ready to come home after all the heartbreaking things we had seen.


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