Testimonial for Hear Their Roar project ​in Nairobi, Kenya 2018

I hope this finds you all safely back in UK.

I was delighted to hear from Patricia (Dagoretti Child Protection and Development Centre Manager) what a great success Hear the Roar's visit had been and that the children were so excited by the group's program that the original 20 very quickly became 50! Please pass special thanks to Megan, and her two v special colleagues for their time energy and thinking

Nicky - AMREF

Testimonial for Hear Their Roar project in Nairobi, Kenya 2018

From the time the group (HTR) came here I’ve seen there is a big difference with the way you have worked with them (the young people).

Especially with the skills of music, decision making, making good choice / bad choices.

It has made them to improve on their self-esteem, confidence.

I consider it a change, from their faces you can tell they have improved.

That is what I have seen.

Sarah - Dagoretti Child Protection and Development Centre Councillor

Testimonial for Hear Their Roar project in Nairobi, Kenya 2018

A few thoughts following our trip

There were three possible challenges, meaning places, where you could have applied your skills and in ascending order of difficulty they were

• My Toto’s (Steve’s school for 3-6 year olds)

• A local high school

• And or AMREF (Child Protection and Development Centre)

You took the toughest of the challenges (AMREF) and stuck it out when I am sure others would have given up.

What you have done is confirmed to yourselves that you have a very viable offering for children with deep wounds and that Hear Their Roar are equal to the challenge

So in conclusion take strength from what you have achieved.

God bless all. 

Steve – Our Contact and Seed Sowing Network Trustee

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