What We Do

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What Do We Do?

What’s the Roar?

Hear Their Roar for children and adolescents

We work with young people and children who have suffered abuse and trauma and we are part of their healing process. 

We focus on emotional well being and design projects that enable the renewal of identity and restoration of hope. 

We use performing arts as a vehicle to start conversations and we hear their voices and stories. 

We do not go into a engagement with pre-arranged ideas, we may have an understanding of what the young people are going through and what their traumas are BUT we remain free and open to hearing from the young people themselves, we do not apply our perspective. We are flexible and brave enough to be led by the young people and we are courageous enough to be flexible in our approach to suit the young people. 

Each project begins by creating a safe (and fun) space to work in. Through discussion groups we enable participants to recognise their thoughts and feelings towards the issues and trauma they have, and may still be facing. From this we explore the impact that their choices and reactions have on the situations they find themselves in, ones we are able to change and ones we are not. We explore emotional well being issues and kick-start a societal change in support of the healing process.

We instil in the participants that they have the power and agency to change situations to get the outcome they desire.

Hear Their Roar for adults

We also work with adults in the communities through meetings, conversations, workshops, presentations to promote engagement with, and advancement of thought in, those individuals and societal leaders in positions which can influence behaviours in areas of conflict with the convention. Be this in a school community, a young offender community, a village community or social services and so forth in UK and Africa.

We want to Roar...

To book a project or for more information please email us at [email protected] or call us on +447708779474 to discuss your requirements further. 

4.1 These are our Objects:

4.1.1 To aid in the relief of suffering and summary injustice afforded to children and young people when parties or broader society acts without regard for the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

4.1.2 To promote engagement with, and advancement of thought in, those individuals and societal leaders in positions which can influence behaviours in areas of conflict with the convention.

4.1.3 To support the mental wellbeing of children and young people affected by situations where knowledge, social norms, dilution of rights or overt disregard for the rights set out in the convention is present through:

(a) Engagement with communities and leaders around the purpose and philosophy behind the UNCRC.

(b) Engagement with affected children and young people to allow them a platform to express their experiences, their voices, their stories and develop them into a performance through the use of a core portfolio of verbal and non-verbal methodologies based around the performing arts.

(c) Support of recreational and leisure activities in the interest of overall social welfare and recovery from traumatic experiences.

(d) Encouragement for incremental social change in the communities visited and support for the proliferation of this local cultural change to neighbouring communities.

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